Extensions Directory

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Orbit can be extended by extensions, this page serves as a list to locate useful extensions to the framework.

Extension Type Description Official
Infinispan/JGroups ClusterPeer The built-in ClusterPeer extension for Orbit, using Infinispan and JGroups Yes
JSON Storage/Serializer The built-in InMemoryStorageExtension and JSON serializer Yes
SimpleStream Stream The built-in simple stream extension Yes
DynamoDB Storage AWS DynamoDB Storage Extension Yes
S3 Storage AWS S3 Storage Extension Yes
Dynamo S3 Storage Storage extension that defaults to AWS DynamoDB and then falls back to S3 for large records Yes
MongoDB Storage Storage extension for MongoDB Yes
HK2 Lifetime/Container An extension using HK2 to offer actor injection support and an application container Yes
Jetty Web An extension using Jetty and HK2 to allow the development of web based services (REST, Servlet, Static and Websocket) using Orbit Yes
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