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Orbital is a self-hosted CI system for solo/small consulting dev teams. Written in Rust.


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OrbitalCI is a self-hostable continuous integration system written in Rust.

All Continuous Integration systems are essentially fancy script executors. OrbitalCI is no different. What makes OrbitalCI different from other continuous integration systems?

  • OrbitalCI is a container-first builder as a strategy for reproducing builds w/o cache implicitly affecting the failure or success.
  • Users interact with OrbitalCI via command line interface. They can build, watch live logs and view history of their repo builds.
  • Build environments and build instructions are laid out in a yaml configuration file that lives in the root of your code repo.
  • Other self-hosted or private infrastructure (such as artifact repositories or Slack organizations) are supported in your builds.

Table of contents:


OrbitalCI's roadmap for the year is located here


To get started, just run make.

Requirements on host

  • Rust 1.39+
  • Docker
  • make
  • git

Note: Docker container exec only works on Linux hosts due to softprops/shiplift#155

Getting started with Vagrant

Requirements on host

The following tools need to be installed on your host.

  • Vagrant
  • Virtualbox
    • If you use a different Vagrant provider, you may need to set your VAGRANT_DEFAULT_PROVIDER environment variable.
    • See the Vagrant docs for more detail

From root of the repo: vagrant up

The codebase will share/sync the current directory in the VM under /home/vagrant/orbitalci.

Getting started with Docker

This image is not yet ready for active usage, but it can be used for manual testing of the cli through orb dev [...] commands.

To manually build the container from root of the repo: docker build -t orb .


Fork the repo and issue a pull request.


Orbital is a self-hosted CI system for solo/small consulting dev teams. Written in Rust.




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