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Go implementation of OrbitDB.
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Go implementation of OrbitDB.

OrbitDB is a decentralized database system using IPFS for peer-to-peer replication.


This project uses Go.

go get




Hayden Young (@haydenyoung) is the maintainer and lead author of the OrbitDB Go implementation. However, this work is built upon the work and input of many other people:


We would be happy to accept PRs! If you want to work on something, it'd be good to talk beforehand to make sure nobody else is working on it. You can reach us on Gitter, or in the issues section.

We also have regular community calls, which we announce in the issues in the @orbitdb welcome repository. Join us!

For specific guidelines for contributing to this repository, check out the Contributing guide. For more on contributing to OrbitDB in general, take a look at the @OrbitDB welcome repository. Please note that all interactions in @OrbitDB fall under our Code of Conduct.


MIT © 2019 OrbitDB community

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