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Sponsor Orbit.js

Send a one-time contribution through **[SquareCash]($cerebris)** or **[Paypal](**.

Current premium sponsors:

Why sponsor?

Orbit.js was initially developed by Dan Gebhardt for use on projects at Cerebris, the small company Dan runs with his brother Larry Gebhardt.

Supporting a project of this scope has been very costly for a two person company. Larry and Dan could really use the financial support of the community to continue developing new features and providing responsive support.

Please consider sponsoring Orbit.js if you are using the project in a revenue generating product. This will help ensure that Orbit.js is actively developed, maintained, and supported. In turn, we'll be glad to highlight you as a sponsor of the project on this site.

You can support Orbit.js with a one-time contribution through SquareCash or Paypal.

We will soon have a Patreon site as well.

Thanks for your support!

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