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open Core.Std
open Async.Std
let option_to_string =
Option.value ~default:"<none>"
let hex_of_string =
String.concat_map ~f:(fun c -> sprintf "%X" (Char.to_int c))
let print_usermeta content =
let module P = Riakc.Robj.Pair in
~f:(fun p ->
printf "USERMETA: %s = %s\n" (P.key p) (option_to_string (P.value p)))
(Riakc.Robj.Content.usermeta content)
let print_value content =
let value = Riakc.Robj.Content.value content in
~f:(printf "CONTENT: %s\n")
(String.split ~on:'\n' value)
let print_contents =
~f:(fun content ->
let module C = Riakc.Robj.Content in
printf "CONTENT_TYPE: %s\n" (option_to_string (C.content_type content));
printf "CHARSET: %s\n" (option_to_string (C.charset content));
printf "CONTENT_ENCODING: %s\n" (option_to_string (C.content_encoding content));
print_usermeta content;
print_value content)
let fail s =
printf "%s\n" s;
shutdown 1
let exec () =
let host = Sys.argv.(1) in
let port = Int.of_string Sys.argv.(2) in
let b = Sys.argv.(3) in
let k = Sys.argv.(4) in
(fun c -> Riakc.Conn.get c ~b k)
let eval () =
exec () >>| function
| Ok robj -> begin
let module R = Riakc.Robj in
let vclock =
match R.vclock robj with
| Some v ->
hex_of_string v
| None ->
printf "VCLOCK: %s\n" vclock;
print_contents (R.contents robj);
shutdown 0
| Error `Bad_conn -> fail "Bad_conn"
| Error `Bad_payload -> fail "Bad_payload"
| Error `Incomplete_payload -> fail "Incomplete_payload"
| Error `Notfound -> fail "Notfound"
| Error `Incomplete -> fail "Incomplete"
| Error `Overflow -> fail "Overflow"
| Error `Unknown_type -> fail "Unknown_type"
| Error `Wrong_type -> fail "Wrong_type"
let () =
ignore (eval ());
never_returns (Scheduler.go ())
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