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opass is a simple password database written in ocaml. It uses gpg for storing the db and all operation are performed in memory. No tricks are used to to ensure the security of this program. It depends on being run in a secure location, but since the data is stored on gpg it should be safe to store in an insecure location.

Right now opass just does things I care about so don’t expect it to work well for you.


In each operation a database is created if none exists


opass add

This adds an entry to the database. Duplicates are not allowed. The database is copied to a .bak file prior to writing the contents back out incase the write fails.


opass search <term>

Searches for a term. The password or note’s name, location, and username are all searched case insenitively. `opass search` will print the entire db


opass edit <entry name>

Edits a single entry. You can change all attributes about it, even generating a new password. The entry name must be the exact name. Use quotes if it contains spaces.


opass del <entryname1> <entryname2> …

Will confirm and delete all matching entry names. The entry names must be exact matches. Use quotes if there are spaces in the name.


opass merge -t 1password -f /path/to/text/dump

This merges a 1Password exported file into opass. 1Password may have duplicates and this will simply error in that case, more helpful debugging will be added in the future.

Generating random passwords

opass password [-l length] [-c charset]

opass can be used to generate random passwords. Valid value for charset are `any`, `alpha`, `alphanum`. Example:

opass password -l 12

Neat! But…

Why should I use this over 1Password?

Maybe you shouldn’t! I wrote this because I wanted a solution with a CLI interface and worked on Linux. I think 1Password is a great product and I even paid for a license, but I have come to value portability and control over my platform more.

Why should I use this at all?

Maybe you shouldn’t! I wrote this for my own needs and it develops at that pace. I am willing to handle feature requests as long as they are reasonable and correspond to my own goals, but if you think the product is incomplete at this point and aren’t comfortable enough in Ocaml to fork it yourself then you probably shouldn’t use opass.