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Checking sent transaction status

Life span of a transaction

Once a transaction is sent to the blockchain, it is held in the ****transaction pool of nodes until it is executed (mined). During this time the transaction is in PENDING status.

When the transaction is finally executed, verified under consensus and added to a block, it transitions toCOMMITTED status. It now also includes a receipt holding the execution output.

If the transaction fails to verify or ultimately expires, its status changes to REJECTED.

Using Gamma CLI

After sending a transaction with gamma-cli send-tx, the transaction ID should be returned.

Use the TxId to check the status of the transaction

gamma-cli get-status 0x189403BAA46F80150F1EA77fE9F47f40Fb1d8C52AF0b90D83DCB084385f1C6e5F7763D62D276bF86

Command parameters

gamma-cli get-status <TX_ID>
  • <TX_ID> Transaction ID in Base64 as returned from gamma-cli send-tx

Cryptographic proof for a transaction

The Orbs blockchain is able to provide cryptographic proof for the execution of a transaction. This proof can be verified by light clients or third-party auditors without synchronizing the entire blockchain state.

Use the TxId to obtain the proof

gamma-cli tx-proof 0x189403BAA46F80150F1EA77fE9F47f40Fb1d8C52AF0b90D83DCB084385f1C6e5F7763D62D276bF86

The command parameters are identical to gamma-cli send-tx

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