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Map editor for The Dark Mod
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DarkRadiant is a level (map) editor for the The Dark Mod, an open-source Doom 3
modification which is available at

Compiling on Windows


DarkRadiant is built on Windows using Microsoft Visual C++ 2013. 
The free Express version can be obtained here:

VC++ 2013:
           (Choose Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Desktop)

Since DarkRadiant uses a couple of open-source libraries that are not available on
Windows by default, you will also need to download and install the
dependencies. 7-Zip packages of the dependencies are available at the following
URL(s). (Get 7-zip here:

32-bit only builds:

64-bit builds:

Note that 64-bit builds need the 32-bit dependencies in addition to their own
64-bit dependencies.

The dependencies packages need to be extracted into the main DarkRadiant
source directory, i.e. alongside the include/ and radiant/ directories.


The main Visual C++ solution file is:

Visual Studio 2013: tools/msvc2013/DarkRadiant.sln

Open this file with Visual Studio and start a build by right-clicking on the
top-level "Solution 'DarkRadiant'" item and choosing Build Solution.

Compiling on Linux


To compile DarkRadiant, a number of libraries (with development headers) are
required. On an Ubuntu system, the requirements may include any or all of the
following packages:


This does not include core development tools such as g++ or the git client
to download the sources (use sudo apt-get install git for that). One possible
set of packages might be:

sudo apt-get install git automake libtool g++ 


To build DarkRadiant the standard Autotools build process is used:

$ ./configure
$ make
$ sudo make install

The available configure options are listed with "./configure --help". There are
options for debug builds, and enabling or disabling various optional components
such as audio support and the Dark Mod-specific plugins.

More Information

A more detailed compilation guide can be found on The Dark Mod's wiki:
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