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Orc 2.1.2 is an update of the Orc implementation. This release makes no language changes. The release updates Orc's major dependencies:

  • Scala (2.12) (necessary JARs are bundled with this release)
  • Java SE (8)

Also, the Orc Eclipse plug-in is updated to be fully Eclipse Neon 4.6 compatible, and no longer uses the now-defunct Eclipse IMP runtime.

This release requires Java SE 8.

See our Downloads page for detailed instructions on how to download and use Orc within Eclipse, locally within your Web browser, or from the command line.


  • Orc Eclipse plug-in functions to replace services formerly provided by the IMP runtime.


  • Updated Java SE dependency to version 1.8.
  • Updated Scala dependency to version 2.12.2. The necessary Scala JARs are bundled with this release.
  • Compile diagnostics highlight a range of source code, rather than a single character.


  • The GoogleCalendar site is obsolete, and has been removed.
  • Removed the IMP runtime from the Orc Eclipse plug-in.