2.2.0 Minor release

@alorence alorence released this Sep 30, 2014 · 201 commits to master since this release

Notable changes and features

  • Network editor
    • Specific size on connections are now managed correctly when group / ungroup features are used.
  • Back-ends
    • The back-end infrastructure has been rewritten in order to modernize and unify the code generation process:
      • Unified transformations lists are applied at fixed moments.
      • New class to handle the extraction of library files, the generation of source files, the caching of up-to-date files, etc.
      • Improved console outputs.
    • [C] Allow linking to user library through the variable $USR_LIB_DIR.
    • [C] Add experimental support of OpenCV API through native functions. This allows the streaming from a camera.
    • [C] Add support "@schedule_outputs" annotation on action signature to consider the state of output FIFOs in action schedulability.
    • New debugging features:
      • [HLS] Add initial support of "@debug" annotation.
      • [C] Add experimental ruby script that helps to graphically trace the state of FIFOs when the execution is stucked.
    • [Compa] Update of the back-end to specifically target MicroBlaze-based MPSoCs.


  • Development environment
    • [#112] Moving many files at a time works correctly.
  • Back-ends
    • [#117] [#126] [C] All variables are declared at the beginning of a block, avoiding compile errors with Visual Studio compiler.
    • [#81] [LLVM] Fix typing of binary expression.

Known issues

  • [#79] Using sub-list as procedure argument produces wrong code.
  • [#108] [C] Modifying output port variables both in action body and in procedure produces wrong code.