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  1. ngsi-timeseries-api ngsi-timeseries-api Public

    QuantumLeap: a FIWARE Generic Enabler to support the usage of NGSIv2 (and NGSI-LD experimentally) data in time-series databases

    Python 37 48

  2. map-panel map-panel Public

    This plugin extends Grafana Geomap panel with several functionalities: Support for GeoJSON shapes, Support for icons, Support for pop up visualizations of data from a specific point, Multiple layer…

    TypeScript 25 12

  3. iconstat-panel iconstat-panel Public

    This plugin extends Grafana Stat panel with icons support.

    TypeScript 3

  4. anubis anubis Public

    Anubis: a flexible policy enforcement solution for NGSI APIs (and beyond!)

    Python 7 5


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