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Examples for OPTANO.Modeling
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This repository shows examples for OPTANO.Modeling.

Find a description of the examples here:

How to start

  1. Download the code from this repository
  2. Open the AdvancedModels.sln file with Visual Studio 2017 Community or Visual Studio Code
  3. Run the following command in the packet manager window to restore the packages and run their install scripts
    Update-Package -Reinstall -FileConflictAction Overwrite
  1. Build and Run the solution

Mixed Integer Linear Problems

Exemplary implementations* of some of the most common Mixed Integer Problems:

  • The Traveling Salesman Problem

  • The Multi Vehicle Routing Problem /w Capacity Constraints

  • The Capacitated Lot-Sizing Problem

  • The Warehouse Location Problem

  • The Job Scheduling Problem

Integer Problems

Exemplary implementations* of some of the most common Integer Problems:

  • The Knapsack Problem

  • The Set Covering / Packing / Partitioning

  • The N-Queens Problem

  • Solving Sudoku


Please address support questions to the forum:

About: OPTANO.Modeling

OPTANO.Modeling is a .net API to create mathematical programs and run them with several solvers.

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