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A foundational library for building Ordercloud middleware APIs, jobs, plugins and extensions with .NET. A toolbox of helpers for authentication, performant bulk requests, error handling, jobs, project setup, ect.

See dotnet-middleware for a starter server-side project that uses this library. Targeted guides are found there.

If you're building solutions for OrderCloud using .NET and find a particular task difficult or tedious, we welcome you to suggest a feature for inclusion in this library.

⚠️ Version 1.x.x has known security holes. Please only use version 2.0.1 and later.


3rd Party Integrations

Contributing Guide For Integrations ->

Name README Nuget Library Contributed By Interfaces
BlueSnap OrderCloud.Integrations.Payment.BlueSnap OrderCloud Team ICreditCardProcessor, ICreditCardSaver
CardConnect OrderCloud.Integrations.Payment.CardConnect OrderCloud Team ICreditCardProcessor, ICreditCardSaver
Stripe OrderCloud.Integrations.Payment.Stripe OrderCloud Team ICreditCardProcessor, ICreditCardSaver
EasyPost OrderCloud.Integrations.Shipping.EasyPost OrderCloud Team IShippingRatesCalculator
Fedex OrderCloud.Integrations.Shipping.Fedex OrderCloud Team IShippingRatesCalculator
UPS OrderCloud.Integrations.Shipping.UPS OrderCloud Team IShippingRatesCalculator
Avalara OrderCloud.Integrations.Tax.Avalara OrderCloud Team ITaxCalculator, ITaxCodeProvider
Vertex OrderCloud.Integrations.Tax.Vertex OrderCloud Team ITaxCalculator
TaxJar OrderCloud.Integrations.Tax.TaxJar OrderCloud Team ITaxCalculator, ITaxCodeProvider
MailChimp OrderCloud.Integrations.Messaging.MailChimp None OrderCloud Team ISingleEmailSender.cs
SendGrid OrderCloud.Integrations.Messaging.SendGrid None OrderCloud Team ISingleEmailSender.cs
SendInBlue OrderCloud.Integrations.Messaging.SendInBlue None OrderCloud Team ISingleEmailSender.cs

User Authentication

Use Ordercloud's authentication scheme in your own APIs. More Info

[HttpGet("hello"), OrderCloudUserAuth(ApiRole.Shopper)]
public string SayHello() {
    return $"Hello {UserContext.Username}";  // UserContext is a property on CatalystController

Webhook Authentication

Securely receive push notifications of events from the Ordercloud platform. More Info

[HttpPost("webhook"), OrderCloudWebhookAuth]
public object HandleAddressSave([FromBody] WebhookPayloads.Addresses.Save<MyConfigData> payload) {

Listing All Pages

If OrderCloud's limit of 100 records per page is a pain point. More Info

var orders = new OrderCloudClient(...).Orders.ListAllAsync();

Proxying Platform List Calls

Receive list requests to your API with user defined filters, search, paging, and sorting. More Info

[HttpGet("orders"), OrderCloudUserAuth(ApiRole.Shopper)]
public async Task<ListPage<Order>> ListOrders(IListArgs args)
    var user = await _oc.Me.GetAsync(UserContext.AccessToken); // get user details
    args.Filters.Add(new ListFilter("FromCompanyID", user.MeUser.Buyer.ID)) // filter using the user's buyer organization ID 
    args.Filters.Add(new ListFilter("LineItemCount", ">5"))
    // list orders from an admin endpoint
    var orders = await _oc.Orders.ListAsync(OrderDirection.Incoming, null, null, null, null, args); // apply list args with an extension version of ListAsync()
    return orders;


Use Redis or LazyCache. Or, define your own implementation of ISimpleCache. More Info

private ISimpleCache _cache;

public Thing GetThing(string thingID) {
    var key = $"thing-{thingID}";
    var timeToLive = TimeSpan.FromMinutes(10);
    var thing = await _cache.GetOrAddAsync(key, timeToLive, () database.GetThing(thingID));
    return thing;

public Thing EditThing(string thingID) {
    var key = $"thing-{thingID}";
    await _cache.RemoveAsync(thingID);
    return await database.EditThing(thingID);


A perfomance helper for multiple async function calls. More Info

var cars = new List<Car>();

var maxConcurency = 20;
var minPause = 100 // ms
var carOwners = await Throttler.RunAsync(cars, minPause, maxConcurency, car => apiClient.GetCarOwner(car.ID);

Error Handling

Handle API errors, including unexpected ones, with a standard JSON response structure. Define your own errors. More Info

public class AgeLimit21Exception : CatalystBaseException
    public AgeLimit21Exception() : base("AgeLimit21", 403, "You must be 21 years of age or older to buy this product.") { }


Require.That(user.xp.Age >= 21, new AgeLimit21Exception());

Model Validation

Take advantage of DataAnnotation attributes to specify validation requirements for your own custom models. More Info

[Required(ErrorMessage = "This field is required, please try again.")]
public string RequiredField { get; set; }

Testing helpers

When writing integration tests that hit an endpoint marked with [OrderCloudUserAuth], you'll need to pass a properly formatted JWT token in the Authorization header, otherwise the call will fail. Fake tokens are a bit tedious to create, so OrderCloud.Catalyst provides a helper:

var token = FakeOrderCloudToken.Create(
    clientID: "my-client-id", 
    roles: new List<string> { "Shopper" },
    expiresUTC: DateTime.UtcNow + TimeSpan.FromHours(1),
    notValidBeforeUTC: DateTime.UtcNow - TimeSpan.FromHours(1)
httpClient.DefaultRequestHeaders.Authorization =
    new AuthenticationHeaderValue("Bearer", token);


A foundational library for OrderCloud integrations and server-side projects in .NET