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While I really like this theme, I've found the text very difficult to read. I know that legibility/readability is a subjective thing, but I'm finding myself straining and leaning forward in my chair so that I can actually see the text.

Here's two screen shots that show the text being difficult to read - for me, at least, on the couple monitors I have available to view it on - in Chrome:

Windows 7


Yeah... as you can see by my gravatar, I'm a one-eyed geezer with nothing better to do. This theme is remarkable in its un-readability, easily the most invisible text I've run across and this from a guy with more than thirty entries in his .js directory to fix un-readable websites.

I suspect that you may have a damaged monitor on your development machine; you should get it checked out, stat, before you inflict any more damage.



Just a quick note, apparently #595959 is the 'lightest' grey you can put on a white background while still passing WCAG - see


I would love to use this theme, but I find text hardly readable.

Could you please fix this?


Well, I didn’t realize that the original issue was reported two years ago.

Since the issue reported here doesn’t seem to be changed, how about creating a new theme (minmal-contrast would be a good name) that is also offered with GitHub Pages?

@yegeniy yegeniy pushed a commit to yegeniy/ that referenced this issue Jan 27, 2014
Eugene Wolfson Use dark body color
Follows discussion in orderedlist/minimal#1 and the great contrast ratio tool

#2 fixes this with only a subtle change.


I concur: Please improve the body text color and weight of this theme!

I guess the fact that this bug is #1 and is still not fixed (or even acknowledged) after three years by @orderedlist means that it won't get fixed. Might as well use a fork. I just created one with the pull request applied (alas using #555 instead of #666 as color) at

@orderedlist orderedlist closed this in #2 Oct 27, 2015

Thanks for the kick, folks. You're right, this theme got behind. I've updated the contrast, and will put some work into getting the updated version into the GitHub theme picker.



Fantastic, thanks!

@AlexDaniel AlexDaniel referenced this issue in json5/json5 Apr 18, 2016

Contrast on #117


So #2 made the font darker, but in 3574fcf it was reverted back to even lighter color (from #777 to #727272). Are you kidding me? There were enough people who went ahead and complained about the problem, and lots of people thumbed up the fix. So why break it? What's going on?


The weight of Noto Sans is much thicker, and gives more definition. The darker color wasn't as necessary to produce the same amount of contrast. If you'd like to see it darker, I'd be happy to take a look at a PR.

@AlexDaniel AlexDaniel added a commit to AlexDaniel/minimal that referenced this issue Apr 18, 2016
@AlexDaniel AlexDaniel Change text color from #727272 to #595959
As mentioned in Issue #1 this is the lightest color for gray text to pass WCAG

There are other places on the website where the contrast is not as good, but
these problems can be addressed later.
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