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Major revisions to the plugin. To remain backwards-compatible, I've split the code tree between intrepid and lucid releases to take advantage of 10gen's ubuntu repository (which does not support intrepid) as well as the new conventions (such as using upstart to control mongod instead of init, and the use of the /etc/mongodb.conf configuration file) used by mongodb on Debian and Ubuntu systems.

wfarr and others added some commits Jul 17, 2010
@wfarr wfarr Add support for creating the repl user 6924d3a
@wfarr wfarr Fix a small bug. 870a09f
@wfarr wfarr Refresh the init script template based on md5 3c0a67d
@wfarr wfarr whitespace 180e5ca
@wfarr wfarr Make sure source_port works a4f2056
@wfarr wfarr Update config options 8be9393
@wfarr wfarr I hear it helps to tell the db it's a slave 50ae060
@jnewland jnewland Merge branch 'master' of 5c6b8b7
@wfarr wfarr Add Lucid support.
This is a significant break from the old Intrepid plugin. These changes
use the 10gen ubuntu packages and use a different configuration file and
@wfarr wfarr On Lucid, ensure we only manage mongo via upstart. 3a5829c
@wfarr wfarr Enable journaling by default with an option to disable. 8d01368
@wfarr wfarr Consistent naming. 91b0b75
@wfarr wfarr Update package naming scheme for 10gen debs. e019b94
@wfarr wfarr typo d693083
@wfarr wfarr Repo updates abfa4bc
@wfarr wfarr Use options. e6e02f1
@wfarr wfarr Work around puppet's poor initctl handling. 77325df
@wfarr wfarr Oh puppet. 8906b48
@leejones leejones Remove configure that loads mongo.yml 92f566d
@leejones leejones Load options with_indifferent_access 4b7bb58
@leejones leejones Restart mongodb after updating the conf fcb016d
@yyyc514 yyyc514 add test to show issue with configure not working 4587203
@jnewland jnewland Merge pull request #1 from yyyc514/master
Tests to show that as far as I can see configure does not work properly
@jnewland jnewland use HashWithIndifferentAccess for the defaults b0e2c48
@leejones leejones Add bind_ip and default to localhost 04ed586
@leejones leejones Set bind_ip as a default option 946dd7a
@leejones leejones Fix options merging 5c2803e
@leejones leejones Ensure mongo is running before rake tasks are run 3ae4b0a
@leejones leejones Fix cpu_logging option in conf 2d147c6
@wfarr wfarr Merge pull request #2 from leejones/master
Bind address and options changes
@wfarr wfarr Merge in 10gen pkg support. 1411950
@wfarr wfarr Merge new mongo plugin df260a6
@wfarr wfarr Allow specifying a specific package version. 9278a49
@wfarr wfarr 10gen package names changed. 028a82c
@wfarr wfarr closed this Jun 3, 2016
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