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Fandango API Build Status

Fetch theaters near postal code and movies on sale at each.

Uses Fandango's RSS moviesnearme feed. E.g.


Fandango.movies_near(73142) returns an array of hashes. Each hash has 2 items: theater info and movies on sale at that theater. A theater is a hash of data containing: name, Fandango's theater id, address, and postal code. The movies are an array of hashes. Each hash contains title and Fandango's id.

Example output format

    [ 0] {
        :theater => {
                   :name => "AMC",
                     :id => "abcde",
                :address => "123 Baker St., New York, NY 10001",
            :postal_code => "10001"
         :movies => [
            [0] {
                :title => "Sherlock Holmes",
                   :id => "123456"
            # more movies...
    # more hashes...
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