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# BGP test
bgp_vpn_attrset bgp_vpn_attrset.pcap bgp_vpn_attrset.out -t -v
# EAP tests
eapon1 eapon1.pcap eapon1.out -t
# ESP tests
esp0 02-sunrise-sunset-esp.pcap esp0.out -t -n
esp1 02-sunrise-sunset-esp.pcap esp1.out -t -E "0x12345678@ 3des-cbc-hmac96:0x4043434545464649494a4a4c4c4f4f515152525454575758"
esp2 08-sunrise-sunset-esp2.pcap esp2.out -t -E "0x12345678@ 3des-cbc-hmac96:0x43434545464649494a4a4c4c4f4f51515252545457575840,0xabcdabcd@ 3des-cbc-hmac96:0x434545464649494a4a4c4c4f4f5151525254545757584043"
esp3 02-sunrise-sunset-esp.pcap esp1.out -t -E "3des-cbc-hmac96:0x4043434545464649494a4a4c4c4f4f515152525454575758"
esp4 08-sunrise-sunset-esp2.pcap esp2.out -t -E "file esp-secrets.txt"
esp5 08-sunrise-sunset-aes.pcap esp5.out -t -E "file esp-secrets.txt"
espudp1 espudp1.pcap espudp1.out -nnnn -t -E "file esp-secrets.txt"
# ISAKMP tests
isakmp1 isakmp-delete-segfault.pcap isakmp1.out -t
isakmp2 isakmp-pointer-loop.pcap isakmp2.out -t
isakmp3 isakmp-identification-segfault.pcap isakmp3.out -t -v
isakmp4 isakmp4500.pcap isakmp4.out -t -E "file esp-secrets.txt"
# LMP tests (what is it?)
# fails right now.
#lmp lmp.pcap lmp.out -t -v -v
# MPLS tests
mpls-ldp-hello mpls-ldp-hello.pcap mpls-ldp-hello.out -t -v
# OSPF tests
ospf-gmpls ospf-gmpls.pcap ospf-gmpls.out -t -v
# IKEv2 tests
ikev2four ikev2four.pcap ikev2four.out -t -v
ikev2fourv ikev2four.pcap ikev2fourv.out -t -v -v -v
ikev2fourv4 ikev2four.pcap ikev2fourv4.out -t -v -v -v -v
ikev2pI2 ikev2pI2.pcap ikev2pI2.out -t -E "file ikev2pI2-secrets.txt" -v -v -v -v
# IETF ROLL RPL packets
dio01 dio.pcap dio.out -t -v
# IPNET encapsulated site
e1000g e1000g.pcap e1000g.out -t
# IETF FORCES WG packets and printer
forces01 forces1.pcap forces1.out -t
forces01vvv forces1.pcap forces1vvv.out -t -v -v -v
forces01vvvv forces1.pcap forces1vvvv.out -t -v -v -v -v
# need new pcap file, not sure what the differences were?
#forces02 forces2.pcap forces2.out -t
#forces02v forces2.pcap forces2v.out -t -v
#forces02vv forces2.pcap forces2vv.out -t -v -v
# 802.1ad, QinQ tests
qinq QinQpacket.pcap QinQpacket.out -t -e
qinqv QinQpacket.pcap QinQpacketv.out -t -e -v
# now SFLOW tests
sflow1 sflow_multiple_counter_30_pdus.pcap sflow_multiple_counter_30_pdus.out -t -v
# Babel tests
babel1 babel.pcap babel1.out -t
babel1v babel.pcap babel1v.out -t -v
babel_auth babel_auth.pcap babel_auth.out -t -v
# PPPoE tests
pppoe pppoe.pcap pppoe.out -t
# ICMPv6
icmpv6 icmpv6.pcap icmpv6.out -t -vv
# SPB tests
spb spb.pcap spb.out -t
# SPB BPDUv4 tests
spb_bpduv4 spb_bpduv4.pcap spb_bpduv4.out -t
# RIP tests
ripv1v2 ripv1v2.pcap ripv1v2.out -t -v
ripv2_auth ripv2_auth.pcap ripv2_auth.out -t -v
# DHCPv6 tests
dhcpv6-aftr-name dhcpv6-AFTR-Name-RFC6334.pcap dhcpv6-AFTR-Name-RFC6334.out -t -v
dhcpv6-ia-na dhcpv6-ia-na.pcap dhcpv6-ia-na.out -t -v
dhcpv6-ia-pd dhcpv6-ia-pd.pcap dhcpv6-ia-pd.out -t -v
dhcpv6-ia-ta dhcpv6-ia-ta.pcap dhcpv6-ia-ta.out -t -v
# ZeroMQ tests
zmtp1v zmtp1.pcap zmtp1.out -t -v -T zmtp1
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