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Welcome to Oreka, an open media capture and retrieval platform

Copyright (C) 2005, orecx LLC

This program is free software, distributed under the terms of
the GNU General Public License.

The platform currently comprises three services:

* orkaudio:	the audio capture and storage daemon with pluggable capture modules
		currently comes with modules for VoIP and sound device recording.

* orktrack: logs all activity from one or more orkaudio services to any mainstream database.

* orkweb:	Web based user interface for retrieval. 

To get started:

* This is the source distribution package. I you want to get going fast, get Windows or debian Linux binary packages from the project webpage.
* Refer to BUILD_C++.txt for building orkaudio and associated capture modules
* Refer to BUILD_JAVA.txt for building orktrack and orkweb

This package is organized as follows:

* orkbasecxx is the base C++ library
* orkaudio is the audio capture and storage service with pluggable modules
* orkbasej is the base java library
* orkweb is a j2ee tapestry based front-end for media retrieval