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source "$G2_HOME/cmds/"
$("$GIT_EXE" g2iswip) || exit 1
# substitute "upstream" with real upstream name
declare -a v=("$@")
declare i=0
for a in "${v[@]}"
[[ "$a" = "upstream" ]] && {
remote=$("$GIT_EXE" g2getremote)
[[ -z $remote ]] && echo_fatal "fatal: upstream not found, please setup tracking for this branch, ie. <g track remote/branch>" && exit 1
set -- "${@:1:$i}" "origin/master" "${@:($i+2)}";
} && break
let i++
$("$GIT_EXE" g2isbehind) && read -p "It appears the current branch is in the past, proceed with the merge (y/n)? " -n 1 -r && [[ $REPLY != [yY]* ]] && exit 0
# merge returns 0 when it merges correctly
"$GIT_EXE" merge "$@" || {
unmerged=$("$GIT_EXE" ls-files --unmerged)
if [[ -n $unmerged ]]; then
echo_info "A few files need to be merged manually, please use <g mt> to fix conflicts..."
echo_info " once all resolved, <g freeze> and <g commit> the files."
echo_info " note: you may abort the merge at any time with <g abort> ."
exit 1;
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