This a simple πŸ‘© πŸ‘± recognition app using Vue.js and Kairos
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Facial Recognition App with Vue

Setting Up

Before continuing, this app requires node $ npm installed on your machine. Once you have confirmed your node installation,

Change directory into the server directory of the app

$ cd faceRekognizer/server

Install npm packages

$ npm install

Set up http server To render our static html files, you could use a simple http server like http-server. To install run the command

$ npm install http-server -g

Running things

To run the app, in the root directory of our app we start our backend server with this command

$ node server

You'll get a response like

Listening on localhost:3128
This means your backend server is running on http://localhost:3128/

You also need to run your http-server by using the command

$ http-server

Once that's done, you get a response like

Starting up http-server, serving ./public
Available on:

Now you can navigate to to see the rekognizer at work πŸ˜‡