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Fix in "A basic design document" #415

linuxnow opened this Issue · 12 comments

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Rhe second instruction is wrong:

curl -X PUT
curl -X PUT -data-binarymydesign.json

It should be with double dash and @:
curl -X PUT --data-binary @mydesign.json


I vote for this too, I noticed the same issue in the instructions on this page:


Same as #422


Fixed in #428. Thanks for the dupe catch, @pulkitsinghal.


I can still find this issue in both online 1st Ed and draft.


That's because my PR is still open. There's a PR from June still open.


Yep. Me too.

Thanks to the @Euroside ( for expanding on that section of the book and for providing this noob with the correct command.



@janl janl closed this

This is still online FYI


The draft version of the book shows it fixed, @w0lfe. Maybe you are looking at the 1st edition? You are likely not going to find that updated.


Yeah 1st ed, so the draft version is the one that is kept updated?


That appears to be the case. The draft version does say that it accepts pull requests and welcomes issues.

@janl janl referenced this issue from a commit
@janl janl typo #415 #422 #428 e0be61f

Applied to ed1.

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