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The first paragraph of the this chapter is talking about using view to querying. Do you think it will be helpful to just point that out?

  • Filtering the documents in your database to find those relevant to a particular process. (where query )
  • Extracting data from your documents and presenting it in a specific order. (where query with order by)
  • Building efficient indexes to find documents by any value or structure that resides in them. (indexing)
  • Use these indexes to represent relationships among documents. (join query?)
  • Finally, with views you can make all sorts of calculations on the data in your documents. For example, if documents represent your company’s financial transactions, a view can answer the question of what the spending was in the last week, month, or year. (this one is not query)

View is way more powerful than query, and but people are often using view just to query I think.

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