Typo in 'Why CouchDB?': contacts instead of contracts #481

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ddknapik commented Feb 7, 2013


We write software to improve our lives and the lives of others. Usually this involves taking some mundane information - such as contacts, invoices, or receipts - and manipulating it using a computer application.

The contacts word doesn't match a context here. It seems that you mistyped r.


sghill commented Mar 3, 2013

Hoping to help out with a pull request, I checked into this issue :)

I think "contacts" (no "r") is what was intended and makes sense after reading through the rest of the section --

  1. The next illustration is of a business card (contact) and an invoice
  2. From there, business cards are used as examples of real-world documents
  3. Address books and contact managers are fairly common examples of how to use frameworks

If everyone agrees, perhaps we can leave it as-is and close the issue?

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