Typo in 1st Edition, mistaken reference in Draft #462

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  1. Fixed a typo: "-data-binarymydesign.json" => "--data-binary @mydesign.json". After I made this change in order to submit the initial pull request, I noticed that the draft version has it correct here. I'm not sure whether the 1st edition online should contain errors like this, however. Your call! :)

  2. I noticed that Table 1 is referred to as "Figure 1" in a following paragraph and thought this correction was needed, since the actual Figure 1 png is used and referred to later.

adambrault added some commits Feb 26, 2012
@adambrault adambrault Fixed typo: "-data-binarymydesign.json" => "--data-binary @mydesign.j…
@adambrault adambrault "Figure 1" => "Table 1" -- This line refers to the table above it (wh…
…ich is labeled "Table 1") while the actual "Figure 1" is the views/01.png graphic farther down the document.
@janl janl merged commit 53296b0 into oreilly:gh-pages Jun 21, 2012
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