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Purpose-built Udon Behaviours and tools to make your own

Built with ❤︎ by orels1 and contributors

Quick Start Guide



  • Grab the latest package from releases
  • Import it into the project

If you're upgrading from version prior to 1.x.x - you'll need to follow these upgrade steps to upgrade

  • When importing you can select what to import:
    • Internal: REQUIRED. Contains all the editor functionality
    • Systems: Various systems listed in the SYSTEMS section of the documentation
    • Behaviours: A collection of scripts that perform actions in the world. You can find the full list in the BEHAVIOURS section of the documentation
    • Demo: assets and examples scenes for all the systems and behaviours. You should import this only if you are importing the full package
  • Open your Project Settings -> UdonSharp and in the Default Behaviour Editor select UdonToolkit Editor

Check out the wiki for all the information

If you still have questions - join the discord


Copyright (c) 2020 orels1

Licensed under the MIT license.