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Commits on Dec 19, 2012
  1. @ednapiranha
  2. @ednapiranha
  3. @cvan
  4. @ednapiranha
  5. @tarekziade
  6. @crankycoder

    Merge pull request #531 from crankycoder/vng/skip_metlog_generate_error

    crankycoder authored
    bug 822759 - added skiptest on the tests around TestGenerateError::test_metlog_*
  7. @crankycoder

    bug 822759 - added skiptest on the tests around TestGenerateError::te…

    crankycoder authored
    …st_metlog_* as
    they *always* pass under test, but never on the actual -dev
    disabling the tests for now until we fully resolve the import issues
  8. @cvan
  9. @spasovski
  10. @ngokevin
  11. @spasovski
  12. Update sites/dev/

    private.BROKER_URL should be private_mkt.BROKER_URL.
Commits on Dec 18, 2012
  1. @spasovski
  2. @cvan
  3. @robhudson
  4. @crankycoder

    Merge pull request #530 from crankycoder/master

    crankycoder authored
    bug 822759 - disable USE_METLOG_FOR_RAVEN and force the RAVEN_CONFIG
  5. @crankycoder

    bug 822759 - disabled the USE_METLOG_FOR_RAVEN flag to disable routin…

    crankycoder authored
    …g for TastyPie
    and forced raven.contrib.django to use the proper DSN when
    intercepting stacktraces
  6. @crankycoder

    bug 822759 - disabled SENTRY_CLIENT override until metlog import

    crankycoder authored
    ordering issues are resolved
  7. @crankycoder
  8. @potch

    notification tweaks

    potch authored
  9. @potch
  10. @cvan

    omgsh @mattbasta

    cvan authored
  11. @mattbasta

    Skip defunct refund tests for now

    mattbasta authored
    Since there's no Paypal (and no real plans for refunds), these tests
    are defunct now. When we get support for automated/self-serve refunds,
    these should be unskipped.
  12. @cvan
  13. @cvan
  14. @cvan
  15. @cvan
  16. add dj-database-url.

  17. @mattbasta
  18. @robhudson
  19. @cvan
  20. @cvan
  21. @cvan
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