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Update to version 0.1.71

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commit e2226794410a4ac35f7547fccc42299f7cff449f 1 parent 9155622
@orenbenkiki authored
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6 index.html
@@ -685,7 +685,7 @@
<pre class='ruby code syntax'>
- <span class="Type">VERSION</span> = <span class="Special">&quot;</span><span class="Constant">0.1.70</span><span class="Special">&quot;</span>
+ <span class="Type">VERSION</span> = <span class="Special">&quot;</span><span class="Constant">0.1.71</span><span class="Special">&quot;</span>
@@ -6516,7 +6516,9 @@
<td class='html'>
<div class='rdoc comment markup'>
-Classify denoted haddock (“–”) comment lines.
+Classify denoted haddock (“–”) comment lines. Note that non-haddock
+comment lines are not captured; they would treated as code and handled by
+syntax highlighting, if any.
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