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.SUFFIXES: .dbk .html .dia .eps .png .pdf
# To make this work, you need:
# - perl, sed.
# - dia, if you want to edit the graphs.
# - docbook DTDs. Modify the "catalog" file to point to them.
# - docbook XSLT stylesheets. Modify DOCBOOK_XSLT below to point to them.
# - xsltproc.
# - xep. Modify XEP below to point to it.
# - ps2pdf, if you want to create the PDF files.
# This depends on where you installed xep.
XEP = /bin/sh /usr/local/XEP/ \
-DLICENSE=Render-X-license.txt \
-DTMPDIR=/tmp -quiet
# Get xsltproc to use the local XML catalog file.
XSLTPROC = SGML_CATALOG_FILES=catalog xsltproc --catalogs
# Each system places this somewhere else.
# Gentoo: /usr/share/sgml/docbook/xsl-stylesheets-1.65.1
# MAX OS C: /sw/share/xml/xsl/docbook-xsl
# Ubuntu: /usr/share/xml/docbook/stylesheet/nwalsh
# BSD: /usr/share/csl/docbook/
# Cygwin: /usr/share/docbook-xsl
DOCBOOK_XSLT = /usr/share/xml/docbook/stylesheet/nwalsh
HTML = \
spec.html changes.html index.html type.html map.html seq.html str.html \
bool.html binary.html float.html int.html merge.html null.html \
timestamp.html value.html yaml.html omap.html pairs.html set.html
PS = \ \ \
PDF = \
spec.pdf changes.pdf index.pdf type.pdf map.pdf seq.pdf str.pdf \
bool.pdf binary.pdf float.pdf int.pdf merge.pdf null.pdf \
timestamp.pdf value.pdf yaml.pdf omap.pdf pairs.pdf set.pdf
logo.eps model2.eps overview2.eps \
present2.eps represent2.eps serialize2.eps styles2.eps validity2.eps
logo.svg logo.png model2.png overview2.png \
present2.png represent2.png serialize2.png styles2.png validity2.png
all: html pdf
site: all
mkdir site
mkdir site/spec
mkdir site/type
mkdir site/spec/cvs
cp type.html site/type/index.html
cp type.pdf site/type/index.pdf
cp site/type/
for T in map seq str bool binary float int merge null timestamp value \
yaml omap pairs set; do cp $$T.html $$T.pdf $$ site/type; done
cp spec.html site/spec/cvs/current.html
cp spec.pdf site/spec/cvs/current.pdf
cp site/spec/cvs/
cp $(PNG_IMAGES) site/spec/cvs
cp single_html.css site/spec/cvs
cp single_html.css site/type
for F in changes index; do cp $$F.html $$F.pdf $$ site/spec; done
site.tgz: site
cd site && tar cvzf ../site.tgz *
html: $(HTML)
pdf: $(PDF)
rm -f $(HTML) $(PDF) $(PS)
$(PDF): single_fo.xsl ebnf_fo.xsl preprocess_fo.xsl
$(HTML): single_html.xsl preprocess_html.xsl
.dbk.html: single_html.xsl catalog docbook_xslt
$(XSLTPROC) single_html.xsl $*.dbk > $*.html
.dbk.pdf: single_fo.xsl Render-X-license.txt catalog docbook_xslt
$(XSLTPROC) --param generate.toc "''" single_fo.xsl $*.dbk | sed 's/\xa0/\ /g;s/\xa9/\©/' > tmp.xml
$(XEP) tmp.xml -ps $*.ps
ps2pdf $*.ps
rm tmp*.xml
@echo "Export $*.eps using Pango fonts"
dia $*.dia
# Dia 0.93 crashes for some reason:
# dia --export-to-format eps-pango $*.dia
@echo "Export $*.png using dia (scale pixels by x2.5)"
dia $*.dia
# Dia 0.93 offers no control over resolution:
# dia --export-to-format eps-pango $*.dia
changes.pdf: changes.dbk Render-X-license.txt catalog docbook_xslt
$(XSLTPROC) single_fo.xsl changes.dbk | sed 's/\xa0/\ /g;s/\xa9/\©/' > tmp1.xml
sed 's/Chapter\xa0//g;s/\xa0/\&#160;/g' < tmp1.xml > tmp2.xml
$(XEP) tmp2.xml -ps
rm tmp*.xml
type.pdf: type.dbk Render-X-license.txt catalog docbook_xslt
$(XSLTPROC) single_fo.xsl type.dbk | sed 's/\xa0/\&#160;/g;s/\xa9/\&#169;/' > tmp1.xml
sed 's/11em/24em/g' < tmp1.xml > tmp2.xml
$(XEP) tmp2.xml -ps
rm tmp*.xml
spec.pdf: spec.dbk \ catalog docbook_xslt \
$(EPS_IMAGES) Render-X-license.txt
$(XSLTPROC) preprocess_fo.xsl spec.dbk > tmp1.xml
$(XSLTPROC) single_fo.xsl tmp1.xml | sed 's/\xa0/\&#160;/g;s/\xa9/\&#169;/' > tmp2.xml
perl tmp2.xml > tmp3.xml
$(XEP) tmp3.xml -ps
perl >
#rm tmp*.xml
spec.html: spec.dbk \
preprocess_png.sed catalog docbook_xslt
perl < spec.dbk
sed -f preprocess_png.sed spec.dbk > tmp1.xml
$(XSLTPROC) preprocess_html.xsl tmp1.xml > tmp2.xml
$(XSLTPROC) single_html.xsl tmp2.xml > tmp3.xml
perl tmp3.xml > spec.html
#rm tmp*.xml
ln -s $(DOCBOOK_XSLT) docbook_xslt