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Getting Involved with OreSat

OreSat is an educational CubeSat project based out of various Oregon educational institutions. So far this includes Portland State University, University of Oregon, and Oregon State University but we're hoping for more participation by other institutions. Although designing, building, and testing CubeSats isn't easy, we hope getting involved is!

Part One: Read up!

First, learn about CubeSats:

Second, you should know about the nasa programs we hope to use:

Third, you should know some things about the space environment:

Fourth, learn how we're going to have to test this thing:

Part Two: Getting Involved!

There are a lot of things to be done for OreSat. They range from the technical (thermal simulations, board layout, RF communications, embedded Linux, firmware, machining, solar power systems, space deployables, radiation hardening, etc) to the day-to-day (fund-raising, project management, etc).

We meet weekly at PSU - please see the Portland State Aerospace Society's Google Calendar for our current meeting times and locations.

Otherwise, contact us at in order to learn about what's going on and how to get involved!