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Getting Involved with OreSat

OreSat is Oregon's first satellite! It's a state-wide educational CubeSat project being run out of Portland State University, along with many of Oregon's other educational institutions including University of Oregon and Oregon State University.

Designing, building, and testing CubeSats isn't easy, but it's OMG we're going to space. So get involved!

Part One: The Basics!

Part Two: OreSat!

First and foremost, you should read the OreSat 2016 CubeSat Launch Initiative proposal. This is the proposal that got us into the NASA CubeSat Launch Initiative, which is how we're going to get to space in 2019/2020.

Part Three: Space!

Fourth, you should know some things about the space environment:

Part Four: Getting Involved!

There are a lot of things to be done for OreSat. They range from the technical (thermal simulations, board layout, RF communications, embedded Linux, firmware, machining, solar power systems, space deployables, radiation hardening, etc) to the day-to-day (fund-raising, project management, etc).

  • We meet weekly at PSU - please see the Portland State Aerospace Society's Google Calendar for our current meeting times and locations.
  • All of our designs are open source, and located at Go take a gander and see what's there.
  • All of our shared documents that aren't on Github are in Google Drive. They're mostly logistical in nature. Once you start volunteering with us, we'll share that folder with you.

Otherwise, contact us at in order to learn about what's going on and how to get involved!