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from collections import OrderedDict
from HtmlToWord.elements.Base import *
from win32com.client import constants
class Table(BlockElement):
I seem to support merged cells and rows now, but in their infinite complexity I am
sure someone will find ways to break me. I support two types of table:
* Simple ones with no tbody or thead (just <table><tr><td>...)
* Complex ones with a tbody and thead element.
AllowedChildren = ["TableRow", "TableBody", "TableHead"]
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
super(Table, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
self.TableRow = 0
self.HasHeader = False
def _MergeCells(self):
Merge cells in order to deal with 'colspan' and 'rowspan' attributes.
Cells can be adjacent or not, and can span over multiple lines.
e.g given the following table:
| c11 | c12 | c13 |
| c21 | c22 | c23 |
if originCell is c11 and targetCell is c23, _MergeCells() will produce
the following result:
| |
| c11 |
| |
This needs to be done here, after table has been rendered (otherwise the merged
cell will have the size of the original cell), and in reversed order (from bottom/right to top/left)
to work (after merging, the word Cell object's RowIndex and ColumnIndex properties values may change)
for originCellCoordinates, targetCellCoordinates in reversed(self.mapper.cells_to_merge):
originCell = self.Table.Cell(*originCellCoordinates)
targetCell = self.Table.Cell(*targetCellCoordinates)
def StartRender(self):
self.HasHeader = self.GetChildByName("TableHead")[0] is not None
rng = self.selection.Range
self._end_range = self.selection.Range
self.mapper = TableMapper(self.soup)
rows, cells = self.mapper.max_rows, self.mapper.max_columns
self.Table = self.selection.Tables.Add(rng,
for count, child in enumerate(self.GetChildren()):
row_number = count + 1
child.SetRow(self.Table.Rows(row_number), row_number)
self.Table.Style = "Table Grid"
def ApplyFormatting(self, start_pos, end_pos):
super(Table, self).ApplyFormatting(start_pos, end_pos)
if 'border' in self.attrs:
border = self.attrs['border']
if border == '0':
self.Table.Borders.Enable = 0
def EndRender(self):
class TableMapper(object):
def __init__(self, table_parsed_html):
def calculateMapping(self, table_parsed_html):
mapping = OrderedDict()
tablerows = table_parsed_html.findAll('tr')
# Calculating offsets
for row_index, row in reversed(list(enumerate(tablerows, start=1))):
cells = row.findAll(('td', 'th'))
for cell_index, cell in reversed(list(enumerate(cells, start=1))):
mapping[(row_index, cell_index)] = (row_index, cell_index)
rowspan = int(cell.get('rowspan', 1))
colspan = int(cell.get('colspan', 1))
if rowspan != 1: # Adjust rowspan
def is_affected_by_rowspan(position):
row, column = position
return (row_index < row < (row_index + rowspan)) and (cell_index <= column)
for key in filter(is_affected_by_rowspan, mapping):
row, column = mapping[key]
mapping[key] = row, column + colspan
if colspan != 1: # Adjust colspan
def is_affected_by_colspan(position):
row, column = position
return row == row_index and cell_index < column
for key in filter(is_affected_by_colspan, mapping):
row, column = mapping[key]
mapping[key] = row, column + colspan - 1
# Calculate the maximum table size
rows, columns = zip(*mapping.values())
self.max_rows, self.max_columns = max(rows), max(columns)
# Calculating cells to merge
cells_to_merge = []
for row_index, row in enumerate(tablerows, start=1):
cells = row.findAll(('td', 'th'))
for cell_index, cell in enumerate(cells, start=1):
new_row_index, new_column_index = mapping[(row_index, cell_index)]
rowspan = int(cell.get('rowspan', 1))
colspan = int(cell.get('colspan', 1))
if (rowspan, colspan) != (1, 1):
(new_row_index, new_column_index),
(new_row_index + rowspan - 1, new_column_index + colspan - 1)
self.mapping = mapping
self.cells_to_merge = cells_to_merge
class TableBody(IgnoredElement):
class TableHead(IgnoredElement):
class TableRow(BaseElement):
AllowedChildren = ["TableCell"]
def getStartPosition(self):
return self.Row.Range.Start
def getEndPosition(self):
return self.Row.Range.End
def SetRow(self, Row, row_number):
self.Row = Row
self.row_number = row_number
def StartRender(self):
parent = self.GetParent()
mapping = parent.mapper.mapping
for count, child in enumerate(self.GetChildren()):
assert child.GetName() == "TableCell", "Child of TableRow is not TableCell! Its %s" % child.GetName()
new_row, new_column = mapping[(self.row_number, count+1)]
class TableCell(BaseElement):
StripTextAfter = True
position = None
def getStartPosition(self):
return self.Cell.Range.Start
def getEndPosition(self):
return self.Cell.Range.End
def SetCell(self, Cell):
self.Cell = Cell
def StartRender(self):