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A speed-focused, minimalist Hugo blog theme based on Looks great on mobile and loads in a flash.

Homepage Post Mobile

How to use:

Install the theme:

git submodule add themes/bare
# This is required:
git submodule update --init --recursive

If using Netlify, add the following to your netlify.toml file:

command = "git submodule update --init --recursive --depth=1 && hugo --minify --ignoreCache"

command = "git submodule update --init --recursive --depth=1 && hugo -b $DEPLOY_PRIME_URL --minify --ignoreCache"

Configuring the theme

Example configuration:

mainSections = ["posts"]
author = "Tom Forbes"
email = ""
description = 'Python developer living and working in Lisbon'
postcss = true
# Include the author name in the <title> of articles
includeAuthorInTitle = true
# Can be any colour here:
# e.g "warning" or "danger" for yellow or red.
hero_colour = "info"

The theme will pull posts from the content sections you define in mainSections. In the example above all posts from content/posts will be included in the homepage.


You can use postcss to strip out all the unused Bulma CSS rules. This brings the CSS bundle down from 180kb to 10kb.

To enable this set params.postcss to true in your config.toml. Then, copy the package.json and the postcss.config.js into your repository and run npm install.

Social buttons

Social buttons can be configured by adding a array. Icons come from

icon = "github-circle"
url = ""

icon = "linkedin"
url = ""

Hiding the theme link

I get it, you might not want to have a link to this repo on the footer of your blog. Add disableAttribution to your site parameters and it will be hidden.