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from collections import OrderedDict
import ast
class ParamReplacer(ast.NodeTransformer):
def __init__(self, param_mapping):
self.mapping = param_mapping
def visit_Name(self, node):
return self.mapping.get(, node) or node
class BaseFunctionHandler(object):
def replace_params_with_objects(self, target_node, inline_func, call_object):
target_node is some AST object, could be the return value of a function we are inlining.
We need to inspect its parameters and create a dictionary then use ParamReplacer to replace
all instances of those parameters with the local references to the objects being passed in
args = inline_func.args
default_offset = len(args.args) - len(args.defaults)
arg_mapping = OrderedDict()
for idx, arg in enumerate(arg for arg in args.args if not == "self"):
arg_mapping[] = None
if idx >= default_offset:
arg_mapping[] = args.defaults[idx - default_offset]
if len(call_object.args) > idx:
arg_mapping[] = call_object.args[idx]
for keyword in call_object.keywords:
arg_mapping[keyword.arg] = keyword.value
if len([arg for arg in args.args if == "self"]):
# Ok, get the name of "self" (the instance of the class we are using)
new_mapping = OrderedDict({"self": call_object.func.value})
arg_mapping = new_mapping
return ParamReplacer(arg_mapping).visit(target_node)