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from flask import Flask, g, render_template, abort, redirect, url_for, request, send_file
import sqlite3
import sys
import os
import base64
app = Flask(__name__)
app.config["SESSION_COOKIE_HTTPONLY"] = False
DATABASE = "site.db"
def connect_db():
return sqlite3.connect(DATABASE)
def runQuery(query, args=tuple(), one=False):
cursor = g.db.cursor()
q = cursor.execute(query, args)
if one:
return q.fetchone()
return q.fetchall()
def runInsert(query, args=tuple()):
cursor = g.db.cursor()
cursor.execute(query, args)
def before_request():
g.db = connect_db()
user_name = base64.decodestring(request.cookies.get("session", ""))
if user_name:
g.user = runQuery("SELECT * FROM users WHERE username = ?", (user_name,), one=True)
g.user = None
def teardown_request(ex):
if hasattr(g, "db"):
def index():
some_products = runQuery('SELECT * FROM products LIMIT 3')
return render_template("index.html", products=some_products)
def logout():
r = redirect(url_for("index", message="You have been logged out"))
r.set_cookie("session", "")
return r
@app.route('/login', methods=["POST"])
def login():
username, password = request.form["username"], request.form["password"]
print password
user = runQuery("SELECT * FROM users WHERE username = ? AND password = '%s'" % password,
(username,), one=True)
message = "You have been logged in" if user else "Invalid login"
resp = redirect(url_for("index", message=message))
if user:
resp.set_cookie("session", base64.encodestring(user[2]))
return resp
def search():
if request.args.get("query"):
search_results = runQuery("SELECT * FROM products WHERE lower(title) LIKE '%%%s%%'" % request.args.get("query"))
search_results = None
return render_template("search.html", search_results=search_results, query=request.args.get("query", None))
def get_image():
return send_file(request.args["path"])
def view_product(id):
product = runQuery("SELECT * FROM products WHERE id = ?", (id,), one=True)
if product is None:
return abort(404)
comments = runQuery("SELECT * FROM comments WHERE product_id = ?", (product[0],))
return render_template("product.html", product=product, comments=comments)
@app.route("/product/<int:id>/add_comment", methods=["POST"])
def add_comment(id):
product = runQuery("SELECT * FROM products WHERE id = ?", (id,), one=True)
if product is None:
return abort(404)
comment_text = request.form["comment"]
runInsert("INSERT INTO comments (product_id, message) VALUES (?, ?)", (product[0], comment_text))
return redirect(url_for("view_product", id=id, message="Comment added"))
def init_db():
with app.app_context():
if os.path.exists(DATABASE):
db = connect_db()
with app.open_resource('sql/schema.sql', mode='r') as f:
with app.open_resource('sql/initial_data.sql', mode='r') as f:
if __name__ == '__main__':
if "initdb" in sys.argv:
print "Creating DB"