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import codecs
import tempfile
import warnings
from urllib.parse import urlsplit
import requests
class RenderData(object):
class Operation(object):
requires = set()
optional = set()
allowed_children = set()
requires_children = False
def __init__(self, *children, **kwargs):
self.parent = None
# Handle a list of children being passed in
if len(children) == 1 and isinstance(children[0], list):
children = children[0]
self.children = list(children) or []
self.args = []
self.format = None
self.attributes = kwargs.pop("attributes", {}) = self.attributes.pop("id", None)
self.render = RenderData()
self.source = None
for k in self.optional:
setattr(self, k, None)
for kwarg, val in kwargs.items():
if kwarg not in self.requires and kwarg not in self.optional:
raise RuntimeError("Unexpected argument {0}".format(kwarg))
setattr(self, kwarg, val)
if self.allowed_children:
for child in self.children:
if child.__class__.__name__ not in self.allowed_children:
raise RuntimeError("Child {0} is not allowed!".format(child.__class__.__name__))
def original_attributes(self):
attrs = self.attributes.copy()
attrs['id'] =
return attrs
def set_source(self, source):
self.source = source
def is_child_allowed(self, child):
return not (self.allowed_children and child.__class__.__name__ not in self.allowed_children)
def _check_child_allowed(self, child):
allowed = self.is_child_allowed(child)
if isinstance(child, Text) and not allowed:
return False
if not allowed:
raise RuntimeError("Child {0} is not allowed in parent {1}".format(child.__class__.__name__,
return True
def add_child(self, child):
if self._check_child_allowed(child):
def add_children(self, children):
for child in children:
def insert_child(self, index, child):
self.children.insert(index, child)
def remove_child(self, child):
def replace_child(self, child, new_child):
self.children[self.child_index(child)] = new_child
def has_child(self, child_class):
return any(isinstance(c, child_class) for c in self.children)
def child_index(self, child):
return self.children.index(child)
def previous_sibling(self):
left = self.left_siblings
return None if left is None else left[0]
def next_sibling(self):
right = self.right_siblings
return None if right is None else right[0]
def right_siblings(self):
idx = self.parent.child_index(self)
if idx == (len(self.parent) - 1):
return None
return self.parent[idx+1:]
def left_siblings(self):
idx = self.parent.child_index(self)
if idx == 0:
return None
return reversed(self.parent[:idx])
def has_children(self):
return bool(self.children)
def has_parent(self, parent_cls):
return any(isinstance(p, parent_cls) for p in self.ancestors)
def ancestors(self):
parent = self.parent
while parent:
yield parent
parent = parent.parent
def descendants(self):
for child in self.children:
yield child
yield from child.descendants
def __repr__(self):
if len(self.children) == 1:
child_repr = repr(self.children[0])
child_repr = repr(self.children)
return "<{0}: {1}>".format(self.__class__.__name__, child_repr)
def set_parent(self, parent):
self.parent = parent
def set_parents(self, parent=None):
for child in self.children:
def __len__(self):
return len(self.children)
def __getitem__(self, item):
return self.children[item]
class ChildlessOperation(Operation):
def __init__(self, **kwargs):
super().__init__([], **kwargs)
def __repr__(self):
return "<{0}>".format(self.__class__.__name__)
def has_child(self, child_class):
return False
def replace_child(self, child, new_child):
raise RuntimeError("ChildlessOperation: Cannot replace child")
class IgnoredOperation(Operation):
class Group(Operation):
def is_root_group(self):
return self.parent is None
class Bold(Operation):
class Italic(Operation):
class UnderLine(Operation):
class Text(ChildlessOperation):
requires = {"text"}
def __repr__(self):
return "<Text '{0}' />".format(self.short_text)
def short_text(self):
if len(self.text) > 10:
txt = self.text[:10] + "..."
txt = self.text
return repr(txt)
class Paragraph(Operation):
class BlockParagraph(Operation):
Same as Paragraph but doesn't add a newline at the end
class CodeBlock(Operation):
optional = {"highlight", "text"}
def highlighted_operations(self):
from pygments.lexers import get_lexer_by_name
from pygments.util import ClassNotFound
from pygments import highlight
from pygments.formatters import get_formatter_by_name
from wordinserter import parse
import warnings
formatter = get_formatter_by_name("html")
lexer = get_lexer_by_name(self.highlight)
except ClassNotFound:
warnings.warn("Lexer {0} or formatter html not found, not highlighting".format(self.highlight))
return None
formatter.noclasses = True
highlighted_code = highlight(self.text, lexer=lexer, formatter=formatter)
return parse(highlighted_code, parser="html")
class InlineCode(Operation):
class LineBreak(ChildlessOperation):
class Span(Operation):
class Format(Operation):
optional = {
"background_color": "background"
NESTED_STYLES = {"border", "margin", "padding"}
def has_format(self):
return any(getattr(self, name) for name in self.optional)
def __repr__(self):
return "<{0}: {1}>".format(self.__class__.__name__,
{n: getattr(self, n) for n in self.optional if getattr(self, n) is not None})
def has_style(self):
return any(getattr(self, s) for s in self.optional)
def should_use_x_hack(self):
return any(getattr(self, s) for s in self.NEEDS_X_HACK)
class Style(Operation):
requires = {"name"}
class Font(Operation):
optional = {"size", "color"}
class Image(ChildlessOperation):
requires = {"location"}
optional = {"height", "width", "caption"}
def write_to_temp_file(data):
with tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile(delete=False) as temp:
def get_404_image_and_dimensions(self):
import pkg_resources
not_found_image = pkg_resources.resource_string(__name__, "images/404.png")
# Hard coded widths :'(
return self.write_to_temp_file(not_found_image), 300, 220
def get_image_path_and_dimensions(self):
if hasattr(self, "_path_cache"):
return self._path_cache
result = self.location
original_height, original_width = self.height, self.width
height, width = original_height, original_width
split = urlsplit(result)
if split.scheme not in {"http", "https", "data"}:
warnings.warn('Invalid image scheme {scheme}: {url}'.format(url=result, scheme=split.scheme))
result, height, width = self.get_404_image_and_dimensions()
elif split.scheme in {"http", "https"}:
response = requests.get(result, verify=False, timeout=5)
except requests.RequestException as e:
warnings.warn('Unable to prefetch image {url}: {ex}'.format(url=result, ex=e))
result, height, width = self.get_404_image_and_dimensions()
result = self.write_to_temp_file(response.content)
elif split.scheme == 'data':
mimetype, rest = split.path.split(";")
encoding, data = rest.split(",")
except Exception:
warnings.warn("Could not parse data URI! First 25 chars: {data}".format(data=result[:25]))
result, height, width = self.get_404_image_and_dimensions()
if encoding != "base64":
warnings.warn("Encoding {0} is not valid".format(encoding))
result, height, width = self.get_404_image_and_dimensions()
image_content = codecs.decode(bytes(data, "utf8"), "base64")
result = self.write_to_temp_file(image_content)
self._path_cache = result
return result, original_height or height, original_width or width
class HyperLink(Operation):
requires = {"location"}
optional = {"label"}
class BaseList(Operation):
allowed_children = {"ListElement", "BulletList", "NumberedList"}
requires_children = True
def depth(self):
return sum(1 for p in self.ancestors if isinstance(p, BaseList))
def sub_lists(self):
return sum(1 for p in self.children if isinstance(p, BaseList))
class BulletList(BaseList):
optional = {"type"} # Does nothing on BulletList, just here to match NumberedList
class NumberedList(BaseList):
optional = {"type"}
class ListElement(Operation):
requires_children = True
def get_value_and_unit(css_value):
value, unit = None, None
if css_value:
if css_value.endswith('%'):
value = css_value[:-1]
unit = '%'
elif css_value.endswith('pt'):
value = css_value[:-2]
unit = 'pt'
value = float(value)
except TypeError:
warnings.warn("Invalid value {0}".format(css_value))
return value, unit
class Table(Operation):
allowed_children = {"TableRow", "TableHead", "TableBody"}
optional = {"border"}
def dimensions(self):
Returns row, column counts
if not self.has_children:
return 0, 0
rows = len(self.children)
columns = max(sum(child.colspan or 1 for child in row.children) for row in self.children)
return rows, columns
def is_uniform(self):
if not self.has_children:
return False
if len(self.children) == 1:
return True
first_row = len(self.children[0].children)
return all(len(child.children) == first_row for child in self.children[1:])
def width(self):
return get_value_and_unit(self.format.width)
def update_child_widths(self):
if not self.is_uniform:
row_widths = [None] * self.dimensions[1]
for idx, _ in enumerate(row_widths):
for row in self.children:
child = row.children[idx]
child_width, unit = child.width
if child_width is not None:
row_widths[idx] = child.format.width
for row in self.children:
for idx, cell in enumerate(row.children):
cell.format.width = row_widths[idx]
class TableHead(IgnoredOperation):
allowed_children = {"TableRow"}
class TableBody(IgnoredOperation):
allowed_children = {"TableRow"}
class TableRow(Operation):
allowed_children = {"TableCell"}
class TableCell(Operation):
optional = {"colspan", "rowspan", "orientation"}
def width(self):
return get_value_and_unit(self.format.width)
class Footnote(ChildlessOperation):
class Heading(Operation):
requires = {'level'}
allowed_children = {'Text'}