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from collections import defaultdict
from wordinserter.parsers.fixes import normalize_list_elements, correct_whitespace
from . import BaseParser
from ..operations import Paragraph, Bold, Italic, UnderLine, Text, \
CodeBlock, Group, IgnoredOperation, Style, Image, HyperLink, BulletList, \
NumberedList, ListElement, Table, TableRow, TableCell, TableHead, TableBody, Format, Footnote, Span, \
LineBreak, Heading
import bs4
from functools import partial
import cssutils
import re
_COLLAPSE_REGEX = re.compile(r'\s+')
"p": Paragraph,
"b": Bold,
"strong": Bold,
"i": Italic,
"em": Italic,
"u": UnderLine,
"code": CodeBlock,
"pre": CodeBlock,
"div": Group,
"span": Span,
"h1": partial(Heading, level=1),
"h2": partial(Heading, level=2),
"h3": partial(Heading, level=3),
"h4": partial(Heading, level=4),
"ul": BulletList,
"ol": NumberedList,
"li": ListElement,
"img": Image,
"a": HyperLink,
"html": Group,
"table": Table,
"thead": TableHead,
"tbody": TableBody,
"tr": TableRow,
"td": TableCell,
"th": TableCell,
"footnote": Footnote,
"br": LineBreak
class HTMLParser(BaseParser):
def parse(self, content, stylesheets=None):
parser = bs4.BeautifulSoup(content, "lxml")
if stylesheets:
# Iterate through each stylesheet, and each rule within each sheet, and apply the relevant styles as
# inline-styles.
docs = (cssutils.parseString(css_content) for css_content in stylesheets if css_content)
for doc in docs:
for rule in (rule for rule in doc.cssRules if rule.typeString == 'STYLE_RULE'):
rule_styles = dict(
for selector in rule.selectorList:
elements =
for element in elements:
style = cssutils.parseStyle(element.attrs.get("style", ""))
element_style = dict(style)
for key, value in element_style.items():
style[key] = value
element.attrs["style"] = style.getCssText(" ")
tokens = []
for element in parser.childGenerator():
item = self.build_element(element)
if item is None:
tokens = Group(tokens)
return tokens
def build_element(self, element):
if isinstance(element, bs4.Comment):
return None
if isinstance(element, bs4.NavigableString):
return Text(text=str(element))
cls = MAPPING.get(, IgnoredOperation)
if cls is Image:
if not element.attrs.get("src", None):
cls = IgnoredOperation
cls = partial(Image,
height=int(element.attrs.get("height", 0)),
width=int(element.attrs.get("width", 0)),
caption=element.attrs.get("alt", None),
elif cls is HyperLink:
if "href" not in element.attrs:
cls = IgnoredOperation
cls = partial(HyperLink, location=element.attrs["href"])
elif cls is TableCell:
cls = partial(TableCell,
colspan=int(element.attrs.get("colspan", 1)),
rowspan=int(element.attrs.get("rowspan", 1)))
elif cls is Table:
cls = partial(Table, border=element.attrs.get("border", "1"))
elif cls is CodeBlock:
highlight = element.attrs.get("highlight")
text = element.getText()
cls = partial(CodeBlock, highlight=highlight, text=text)
elif cls is NumberedList:
type = element.attrs.get("type")
style_attr = element.attrs.get('style')
if style_attr:
style = cssutils.parseStyle(style_attr)
type = style.listStyleType or type
values = {
"i": "roman-lowercase",
"I": "roman-uppercase",
'lower-roman': 'roman-lowercase',
'upper-roman': 'roman-uppercase',
cls = partial(NumberedList, type=values.get(type))
instance = cls(attributes=element.attrs)
children = list(element.childGenerator())
for idx, child in enumerate(children):
item = self.build_element(child)
if item is None:
if isinstance(item, IgnoredOperation):
elif not instance.is_child_allowed(item):
if instance.requires_children and not instance.children:
return None
instance.format = self._build_format(element)
return instance
def _build_format(self, element):
args = {}
for attribute, value in element.attrs.items():
if attribute == "class" and value:
# This selects the first one which isn't an empty string. We could handle multiple classes here somehow.
vals = [v for v in value if v]
if vals:
args["style"] = vals
elif attribute == "style":
styles = cssutils.parseStyle(value)
for name in Format.NESTED_STYLES:
args[name] = defaultdict(str)
for style in styles:
for nested_name in Format.NESTED_STYLES:
nested_name_with_dash = nested_name + "-"
args[nested_name][, "")] = style.value
name ="-", "_")
if name in Format.NESTED_STYLES:
# Not supported. Use explicit 'margin-right',
# 'margin-left' etc rather than just 'margin'.
elif name in Format.FORMAT_ALIASES:
name = Format.FORMAT_ALIASES[name]
if name in Format.optional:
args[name] = style.value.strip()
return Format(**args)