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Build tool for Go. With it you can build and test advanced multi-package projects with near-zero configuration. [DRAFT]
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Gobbler is a build tool for the Go programming language. It allows building and testing multi-package Go projects with one command, without need for manually written Makefiles.

Source code is available at

For discussion, use the golang-nuts mailing list, at least until Gobbler has so many users that it requires its own mailing list. You may also contact Gobbler's developer, Esko Luontola, by email.

Project Goals

  • Simple to use - Build the project and run its tests with one command-line command.

  • Convention over configuration - When files are put into source and test directories (/src/main/go and /src/test/go), then all packages and tests are detected automatically. The project configuration file should only need to say whether the project is a library or an executable, and what is the name of the executable.

  • Smart dependency handling - Allow packages (including test code) to depend on other packages in the same project, without requiring the build process to "make install" the dependencies to $GOROOT. Build only those packages which have changed since last build (or whose dependencies have changed). In the long-term, also dependencies to external libraries will be resolved automatically, similar to Maven et al.


Copyright © 2010 Esko Luontola <>
This software is released under the Apache License 2.0.
The license text is at

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