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// Copyright © 2009-2011 Esko Luontola <>
// This software is released under the Apache License 2.0.
// The license text is at
package examples
import (
. ""
// This is the style that I've found the most useful in organizing tests.
// In the parent spec(s) is done some action and then it has multiple child
// specs which each verify one isolated piece of behaviour. Each spec has a
// well though out name which explains the motivation behind the code.
// To learn more, see this article and tutorial:
func StackSpec(c gospec.Context) {
stack := NewStack()
c.Specify("An empty stack", func() {
c.Specify("is empty", func() {
c.Expect(stack.Empty(), IsTrue)
c.Specify("After a push, the stack is no longer empty", func() {
stack.Push("a push")
c.Expect(stack.Empty(), IsFalse)
c.Specify("When objects have been pushed onto a stack", func() {
stack.Push("pushed first")
stack.Push("pushed last")
c.Specify("the object pushed last is popped first", func() {
poppedFirst := stack.Pop()
c.Expect(poppedFirst, Equals, "pushed last")
c.Specify("the object pushed first is popped last", func() {
poppedLast := stack.Pop()
c.Expect(poppedLast, Equals, "pushed first")
c.Specify("After popping all objects, the stack is empty", func() {
c.Expect(stack.Empty(), IsTrue)
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