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Instructions for building and releasing

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+- Run the following command:
+mvn clean verify
+- Update README to refer to the new release (change log, install instructions)
+- Run following commands (update tag and branch names as necessary)
+mvn release:prepare
+mvn release:clean
+git fetch
+git checkout scala281
+git merge specsy-1.2.0
+git tag specsy-1.2.0-scala281
+git push
+git push --tags
+# The primary artifact must be released last, so that its POM will remain.
+# When testing may also use scm:git:`pwd` as the connectionUrl
+mvn release:perform -DconnectionUrl=scm:git:git:// -Dtag=specsy-1.2.0-scala281
+mvn release:perform -DconnectionUrl=scm:git:git:// -Dtag=specsy-1.2.0
+- Login to check that the staging repository looks ok (there are all binary JARs, source JAR and the right POM version)
+- Close and Release the staging repository
+- Wait for the release to show up in Maven Central
+- Announce to, and

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