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Unet Examples

Examples of how to use various Unet APIs (Python, Groovy/Java, C) to connect to a modem or simulator running Unet.


The examples can be bundled into a tgz archive to be installed into a modem or co-processor.

The Makefile command make bundle creates a bundle Examples.tgz with all the compiled example files and the required libraries.

Note: The C-API requires native libraries libfjage.a and libunet.a which are architecture dependent. Please ensure they are bundled on the same architecture (x86 or ARM, etc) as where the bundle is intended to be run

The C language examples require unet-framework-1.4.jar which can be compiled form Unet sourcecode if required. For this the Makefile needs to be pointed to the directory with Unet sourcecode using the UNET_DIR= argument.

For eg.

make bundle UNET_DIR="/home/ubuntu/unet"
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