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Run Tests Utilizing Unet C API

This folder contains the files unet.h and unet.c. The header file includes the definition and documentation of the C APIs and the source code is provided in the unet.c file. Examples of usage of these APIs can be found in test.c. Makefile is used to collate the necessary files and compile the source code and run tests.

To compile and run the tests, the following steps need to be performed:

  • Two modems are needed to be setup in the water for communication.

  • Connect to one of the modem via ethernet or wifi.

  • Open a terminal window and compile test.c using :

make test
  • Run test.c as follows :
./test <IP> <PORT> <NODE_ID>

where <IP> argument must be the IP address of the modem to connect to, <PORT> is the port number of the Unet service on that modem and <NODE_ID> is the node address of the other modem in the water for ranging tests.

Upon completion of the tests, the test results will be summarized.

  • To delete the files and recompile from scratch, run make clean.