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Project generating a software distribution annex for a container.
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Project generating a software distribution annex for a docker container image.

Instructions to Build


  • Java JDK 1.8 or later
  • Maven 3.3 or later
  • Docker (recent version)


git clone


Pull an image if not already available:

docker pull alpine:latest

Change directory:

cd metaeffekt-container-annex

Build the project using:

mvn clean install -Dimage.repo=alpine -Dimage.tag=latest

The image.repo and image.tag parameters can vary, but should match an available docker image. Please note that the project in the current version may not all special cases and linux operating systems used in docker containers today.



The project extracts all information available from the container with respect to installed packages and additional files and produces a PDF document that lists all elements of the container with license metadata.

Check out the resulting PDF in:



The project does not include further meta data from other sources. Some additional meta data will be supplied in metaeffekt-container-annex/inventory. This is currently for illustration purposes, only. All metadata in the inventory have been generated using automated tools. No review and clearing of the meta data was performed.

The current quality level of the data listed in the inventory and annex does not meet the requirements for operating or distributing the chosen container. The different containers and linux distributions vary strongly in terms of license meta data included in the container.

The approach operates on the resulting container image. Individual layers are at the moment not considered. It is general consensus that the Dockerfiles for constructing the container image should be subject to a in-depth review in the context of a compliance assessment.


We are happy to collect your feedback using

Final Note

The project gives just a glimpse of what is possible with the plugins. We plan to extend the example to cover these aspects over time. All is generally driven by the idea of integrating the plugins very close to the software build in a continuous integration environment.

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