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Org2Blog Release History

v1.1.0 “Inky Hand”


  • Adds a simple and powerful user interface exposing every aspect of Org2Blog—many of which you may never have known even existed before.
    • Use the one-keypress help menu to look up the documentation behind every menu entry along with the function name behind it if you want to bind it to a key.
  • Includes the manual built-in to the application. It is the so you don’t have to go to the web page to read it.
  • Expands on and revises every aspect of documentation including explanations and screenshots.
    • Blogging styles and strategies covered range from first-time blogging to advanced use with multiple blogs and diverse workflows.
  • Adds an API for automating bulk import of Org files when you want to move from another Org based blogging platform to Org2Blog.
  • Added a new logo:
    • A WordPress operator’s inky hand, colored by Org mode, cradles a special press plate for Org2Blog: Org2Blog’s first logo. Thank you Cari at Sepia Rainbow Designs for this brilliant logo.
  • Adds a built-in README with links to learn more about this project, how to start having fun blogging, and even how Free Software is critical to you as a user and society as a whole.


  • Now requires at least Emacs 26.3 and Org mode 9.1.9.
  • Expanded and revised every aspect of documentation including running from the source code instead of a package and debugging various network issues.
  • Adds steps for rebuilding the readme
  • Revises contribution expectations
  • Adds scripted system integration testing covering 50% of Org2Blog’s functionality
  • Imports metaweblog
  • Adds org2blog-def-update-artifacts to update version numbers across all package files. See org2blog-def--package for details.
  • Names refactored to standardize language.
  • All code brought up to GNU and MELPA coding and packaging standards.


  • Adds steps for all aspects of package maintenance
  • Adds function deprecations for future future retirement
  • Blog ID will only ever be 1: Org2Blog doesn’t support multi-site installs. See org2blog--default-blogid.


  • ox-wp exporter includes source block IDs.
  • Completed and corrected implementation of various functionality.


  • Implement Texinfo manual in
  • Refactor running again
  • Migrate to continuous integration with nix-emacs-ci

2019-01-31 Org2Blog v1.0.3 Released

Adds Hydra support for user-interface.

2017-12-16 Org2Blog v1.0.2 Released

Increment for new metaweblog version.

2017-12-16 Org2Blog v1.0.1 Released

Use latest metaweblog

2017-06-27 Org2Blog v1.0.0 Released

Communicate completeness of the library with a first major release.

2017-05-19 Org2Blog v0.9.3 Released

  • v0.9.2 ad389ae was released on 14-12-14
  • Development continued until 16-05-02 fc7b2d9
  • Today is 17-05-19
    • It has been in use for one year and seventeen days
  • And today
    • Merged post subtree and publish and it is fine
    • Added dependency on Org-Mode 8.3
  • So therefore a new release
    • v0.9.3

2014-12-15 Org2Blog v0.9.2 Released

Bump up version.

2014-11-30 Org2Blog v0.9.1 Released

Bump up version to 0.9.1.

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