Various fixes for Magento 1.7.2 #100

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lejoko commented Jul 18, 2012

Since this extension seems not to be really maintained anymore, I sent this pull request only to help other developers find 1.7 fixes more easily...

It's mostly based on other people's work and on resyncing with Magento 1.7's codebase.

Marco Grätsch and others added some commits Apr 26, 2012

Marco Grätsch Added columns group_price and base_group_price to column-list to fix …
…the price indexing error in Magento 1.7.x
Marco Grätsch Fixed "Unknown column 'pi.base_group_price' in 'field list'" - should…
… be pi.group_price
@jonpday jonpday adding modman distribution filewq 8742592
@jonpday jonpday fix for 1.7/1.12 compatibility re organicinternet#85 07f5c01
@jonpday @roscius jonpday fix for 1.7/1.12 compatibility re organicinternet#85 5b62204
@roscius roscius Resync product stock index resource class override with changes made …
…in 1.7/1.12 and

move to same location as in 1.7/1.12
@mediarox mediarox Prevent javascript errors if the original select element in catalog/p…
…roduct/view/type/options/configurable.phtml has the attribute "size".
@roscius roscius Fix bug with group price on cofigurable product in the price index,
update overriden code to reflect changes made in parent 1.7/1.12 code
@roscius @jonpday roscius Resync product stock index resource class override with changes made …
…in 1.7/1.12 and

move to same location as in 1.7/1.12
@jonpday jonpday applying 44855a7 from…
@jonpday jonpday Merge remote-tracking branch 'mediarox/patch-1' into 17compatible 105d6de
@jonpday jonpday Merge remote-tracking branch 'magdev/patch-1' into 17compatible 5e250ce
@jonpday jonpday Merge remote-tracking branch 'roscius/master' into 17compatible 5808c0c
Joel Kociolek Sync product resource and price indexing with Magento CE 1.7 4db7622
Joel Kociolek Js for reloadPrice doesn't get correct price for text options c01bb30
Joel Kociolek Switch CatalogRule to Magento 1.7's way of doing resource classes eddf35a

toasty commented Jul 18, 2012

Awesome stuff, much appreciated! And apologies for the lack of maintenance in general.
This may well be the kick I need to bring it up to speed with 1.7 'officially'.

Do you find it's generally pretty stable and bug-free with these patches or is there still quite a bit to do on top?

lejoko commented Jul 19, 2012

Currently, for my own use and with these updates, I find it pretty stable. However, the website on which I use it is still under development and won't go to production before end of july (2012) at best.

I would add that I already noticed a few places in the code that look like they would fail if I'd use them. In particular the JS in app/design/frontend/base/default/template/catalog/product/view/scpoptions.phtml that I've already updated for text options might need updates for the other kinds of option fields.

Anyway, should I find other bugs, I'll continue to update my fork and this pull request at least until the site opens.

Works like a charm on 1.7.2 here - used in conjunction with MagMi - this should be merged with master.

lejoko commented Jul 30, 2012

@toasty: the website I'm using it on is going to production in a couple of days. After much testing, and a few more bug fixes, I consider now that the plugin is pretty much stable. For my own use it's fully production ready. I use most of the Ajax features, on products with text options and group prices. The only downside is that some of the changes I made are probably only compatible with Magento 1.7+ (in particular: the way resource models are declared changed in 1.7 and adjustments were required in this area for the indexing to work).

So I'd say: please pull!

This is not working for me. I updated that line of code, but when I choose a option from the dropdown list (on the frontend), it does not update my price accordingly.

Hi Magedev,

I have added your fix but its not working i still getting that same issue.

Also i am getting below mentioned message also.

Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'pi.base_group_price' in 'field list'.


I'm sorry, but I don't do Magento development anymore. Maybe it's a problem with a cached or compiled version of the file.

Awesome. This one fixed my concern. Thank!

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