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Statsd reporter for [codahale/metrics] (

Quick Start

The 3.x version of the Metrics library now uses the builder pattern to construct reporters. Below is an example of how to create a StatsdReporter and report out metrics every 15 seconds.

final Statsd statsd = new Statsd("localhost", port);

StatsdReporter reporter StatsdReporter.forRegistry(registry)
reporter.start(15, TimeUnit.SECONDS);

If you are using Dropwizard (0.7.x +), there is an easy way to configure a Metrics reporter to be used directly from your YAML configuration file. See ( for an example of how to create a ReporterFactory.

Important Notes

Package Name & GroupId

As part of getting metrics-statsd ready for publishing to Maven Central, the Maven groupId changed from studyblue to com.bealetech. In addition, as of v2.3.0, the package name changed from com.studyblue to com.bealetech.

Version Numbers

Versions and earlier directly matched the versioning of official releases of codahale/metrics. Future versions, starting with 2.2.0, will no longer match.

Setting Up Maven

Maven Repositories




Compatability with metrics

metrics-statsd version metrics version
3.0.x 3.0.1
2.3.x 2.1.x
2.2.x 2.1.x
2.1.3 2.1.x


Copyright (c) 2012-2013 Sean Laurent

Published under Apache Software License 2.0, see LICENSE