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parse org-mode content into AST
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org-mode with JavaScript

What Is It

Orga is a flexible org-mode syntax parser. It parses org content into AST (Abstract Syntax Tree), then what you can do with it is only limited by your own imagination.

What Can It Do

Like I said, with AST at hand, you can do literally anything with it. The AST is compatiable with the super awesome unified. Which means you can plug it right into the existing system and established flows. Or if you are the creative kind of person, and you don’t hate JavaScript to the bone, you can make something yourself. Here are a couple of ideas:

  • [X] transform your org-mode document into HTML
  • [X] publish your org-mode notes with one of the most popular static site generators
  • [ ] build a emacs-less cli for org-mode (working on it)
  • [ ] natural language processing with retext and it’s ever growing plugin ecosystem
  • [ ] make your own GTD system with fancy UI and stuff
  • [ ] automate your workflow with org-mode

How Does It Work




After you clone the code.

# Bootstrap the Project
yarn run bootstrap

# Run Unit Tests
yarn test

# Play with the Website
cd www
yarn run develop
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