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Slimeworld project

Updated Sep 26, 2020

Doing what's required to get Slimeworld integrated into BentoBox, or a version of BentoBox.

Linked repositories: BentoBox, BSkyBlock

2020 Q2 - Future

Updated Jan 16, 2021

No description

2020 Q1 - Addons Initiative

Updated Sep 11, 2020

From December 2019 to March 2020, the Addons Initiative focuses on creating, improving and finalizing Addons for the BentoBox game platform. In the meantime, BentoBox will only get non-API-breaking changes, to ease further the development process of addons.

This Kanban project board serves to oversee the ongoing efforts towards the goals of this Addons Initiative. As a result, only enhancement requests are to be listed here.

Linked repositories: BentoBox, Level, Warps, Challenges, AcidIsland, BSkyBlock, MagicCobblestoneGenerator, InvSwitcher, Limits, IslandFly, SkyGrid, Greenhouses, CaveBlock, Converter, VoidPortals, DimensionalTrees, CauldronWitchery, Chat, Likes, ControlPanel, Bank, TwerkingForTrees, Border