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GSoC PyAr Ideas

Updated Mar 21, 2021

Python Argentina & Google Summer of Code 2021

We are looking for new pythonistas!

Help us to foster development of several open source community projects. Many are fun and innovative, other are challenging and resolves real world requirements.

We founded the association aiming to help the Python devs, increasing its diversity and outreach, specially overcoming minorities and cultural barriers (mainly socioeconomic, language, gender), serving as an umbrella organization to some ongoing efforts.

Spanish is one of the most spoken language in the world, and many of our developed tools and libraries are aimed to fill missing open-source gap. They can help to learn and further work with Python, either to enthusiasts, professional programmers or even final users!

Experienced developers, teachers and volunteers will assist you, guiding throughout the process with well defined goals (according skills and tech background)

NOTE: Spanish is a requisite for many projects, as it is the language used for documentation and community communications. In the other side, if you do not speak English fluently, we can help you with translations and guidance (in Spanish, of course).

NOTA: Si hablás Español pero te cuesta el Inglés, te podemos ayudar con las traducciones y redacciones para que puedas participar! No te preocupes, el día a día y documentación en general están en Castellano.

Visitá nuestra GSoC Wiki en Español para más información.

We want our community to be more diverse: whoever you are, and whatever your background, we welcome you.

Queremos que nuestra comunidad sea más diversa: quienquiera que seas, sea cual sea tu origen, te damos la bienvenida


If you want to participate as an student, please follow the next guidelines:

  1. Present yourself

    Write to the Google group (for general GSoC questions: State clearly:

    • Why you want to participate in GSoC, shortly comment your background and expectations
    • What project would you prefer: look bellow for ideas
    • What is your previous experience, Python skills, django, hg/git, js, etc.
  2. Fix a bug!

    Ask for a simple ticket. For example, take a look at CDPedia, PyAfipWs, OpenLex, PyZombis. Look bellow for good first issue tickets

    • Create an user in GitHub (if you don't have one)
    • Fork the project repository and try to fix an issue of your desired project
    • Discuss with potential mentors your fix, creating a Pull Request as early as possible!
  3. Write a Proposal

    • Select a project idea and write a detailed proposal using Google Docs (in advance!)
    • Please open and read the ideas details carefully. Ask if you have any doubt.
    • Define 3 milestones & deliverables (i.e. Proof-Of-Concept, Prototype, Final Demo)
    • Tasking out (high level goals for each milestone)
    • Describe the acceptance criteria ("Minimum Viable Product" of each phase)
    • Share an early draft (based on the Application Template, using Google Docs) and discuss your approach in the group with mentors
    • Do not forget to submit your application to Google system when ready, before deadline


  • Late, incomplete or low quality proposals will not be considered at all. Mentor's time and available students slots are limited, so please ask intelligently for advice and feedback early.
  • Last minute applications are generally a signal of further problems (for you and for us too, please avoid!). Proposals without any previously contribution in the repository (i.e. bug-fix issue) will be rejected.
  • You're expected to have almost full time dedication to the GSoC, so plan accordingly and disclose any potential commitment (exams, work, vacations, travels, etc.)

Projects Ideas

The following section list tentative projects that would be available for Google Summer Of Code 2020. For a complete list of community projects see: and

Do you have a stunning new idea or want to mentor? Contact Us!


Community course to teach Python to everyone!

Online course: draft It has the potential bring up the materials to make a massive Spanish online community course, like the original Brazilian MOOC Python para Zumbis created by Fernando Masanori that has +500k reproductions in Youtube and taught over 70K students basic Python.

Topics: Education, Automation, Deployment, Restructured Text, Jupyter Notebooks

Ideas: Open Educational Resources: Interactive "Textbook" Lessons & Assignments, Automatic Grading, Infrastructure. See (complete academic roadmap)

Good First Issues: #61 fix starbuzz example start here!

Main Issues: #7 Interactive exercises; #20 interactive assignments (including unit test for automatic grade): review and fix bugs on online python exercises (browser limitations)

Potential Mentors: first contact @reingart; @eamnau


Electronic Invoice, Agriculture, Foreign Trade, Taxes, Pharmaceutical, etc.

Library for Developers (integrators and legacy languages interfaces) Tools for Accountants and SMEs (Odoo/OpenERP modules and Tryton Argentina's localization)

PyAFIPWs is a wide-spread standard reference implementation to communicate with Argentina’s government entities, with more than +1.5K users group subscriptions, many bindings to other languages and used in modules for Open Source ERP localizations (OpenERP, Odoo, Tryton, etc.)

Topics: WebServices, XML, PDF, Linux/Windows; Accounting / ERP

Ideas: py3k: Modernization, Cryptography, Unit Testing, Automation

Documentation: Electronic invoice in Python 3; English Docs start here!

Good First Issues: #34 Merge py3k work from previous GSoC to master

Main Issues: #14 fix encoding issues; extend unit tests coverage; continuous integration; webservice simulator These should be addressed in your proposal!

Potential Mentors: TBD; first contact @reingart;Potential mentors @D3f0 @lukio


Legal Case Management Software for Attorneys and Small Law Firms

OpenLEX was developed as part of an Open Source Specialization Program, to provide free legal software for lawyers and small law firms (in a market with no Open Source alternative)

More info: Free & Open Source Software Diploma Final Work (Capstone)

Topics: Web App, Databases; Continental Law System

Ideas: Responsive + User Friendly Installers: HTML5, Mobile! Packaging, Online Site, Deployment

Documentation: start here!

Good First Issues: #10 Import/Export of legal brief start here!; Email and electronic invoice integration #11

Main Issues: Responsive #14; Installers: Windows #13, Linux #15, MacOS #16; Classic Desktop #20; Sample Website #17. These should be addressed in your proposal!

Potential Mentors: @marian-vignau; also can contact @reingart

Tryton Argentina Localization

A module with the data and functionalities necessary to fulfill Argentina’s fiscal obligations

Topics: Accounting / ERP



Good First Issues: <-- resolve for your application

Main Issue: <-- look this for GSoC proposal

Local repos:

Potential Mentors: TBD; first contact @reingart;Potential mentors @lukio @pokoli

Linked repositories: CDPedia, fades, OpenLex, PyZombis, pyafipws