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Updated Feb 12, 2020

astartectl is the command-line Swiss army knife for Astarte developers and Devops.

Linked repositories: astartectl

Astarte Core Components

Updated Jun 15, 2021

This project tracks main Astarte Components, which are part of the Core Astarte releases. It covers all microservices and features which are into main Astarte releases on the Cloud side.

Linked repositories: astarte_data_updater_plant, astarte_core, astarte_rpc, astarte_vmq_plugin, astarte_pairing, astarte_housekeeping_api, astarte_pairing_api, astarte_appengine_api, astarte_realm_management, astarte_realm_management_api, astarte_housekeeping, astarte_trigger_engine, astarte_data_access, astarte, astarte-dashboard, astarte-kubernetes-operator