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I can not add a collaborator to the private repo #23837

I can not add a collaborator to the private repo #23837
Oct 4, 2021 · 2 answers


I can not add a collaborator to the private repo. No chance to find a person.

I can not contact support promptly. What to do?

The problem is solved


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That’s strange, you should be able to add collaborators to private repositories even with a Free account (although not many).

It looks like the problem is in the WebUI not showing users. I’ve recently added people to my own repositories, and from what I remember the list of people should start to fill in as you type, unless you’ve types a username that doesn’t exist (in which case the list is empty and the confirmation button get greyed out).

Same problem reported here:

<a href="">Cannot add collabolator to repository</a> <a class="badge-wrapper  bullet" href="/c/github-help/48"><span class="badge-category-bg" style="background-color: #6a737d;"></span><span style="" data-drop-close="true" class="badge-category clear-badge" title="Need help with your GitHub account or the core features of GitHub? This is the place to look for answers.">GitHub Help</span></a>
See this post, same problem: if you join an existing thread your chances of finding a solution are higher, since you might discuss the issue with other uses who are experiencing the same problem, and because older posts are more likely to receive staff support first.
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The problem is solved

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