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Resource Types

Updated Nov 6, 2019

Development and maintenance of resource types supported by the Concourse team.

Linked repositories: time-resource, s3-resource, semver-resource, git-resource, docker-image-resource, registry-image-resource

Low-hanging Fruit

Updated Aug 27, 2019

all the small things

Release Engineering

Updated Nov 8, 2019

Using Concourse to deliver Concourse.


Updated Oct 30, 2019

Ensuring Concourse is deployable and manageable in various environments, and able to meet organizations' authorization requirements.

Subject matter:

  • Various deployment scenarios (BOSH, binaries, Docker, Kubernetes, Windows, Darwin)
  • Understanding resource demands of Concourse, both minimum requirements and "at scale"
  • Systems knowledge to support and improve all of the above
  • Multi-tenant operator demands (auth, inspectability)
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